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Discounted access to Travel-Aid

The Leap customers benefit from a 10% discount off Travel-Aid subscriptions.  Please see The Leap for your discount code.

Introduction to The Leap

The Leap is a gap year specialist with social responsibility at the heart of all that they do. The placements that they offer combine off-grid travel with challenge and volunteering, giving gappers the chance to take part in a rewarding placement and follow that up with their own independent travel. Destinations on offer include Cambodia, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Kenya with placement opportunities including conservation, community projects and marine care.

They have been in operation since 2002 and their impressive history includes being a founding member of the Year Out Group and as the first UK company to be accredited by the USA Gap Year Association.

Gap year destinations

Africa – Kenya

Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam

N America – Costa Rica

S America – Colombia, Peru

Three things we love about The Leap

When you book a placement with The Leap, you don’t just get the rewarding experience that comes with giving something back to a community, you also get the benefit of the Backpacking Advice Hub. The Leap team provide independent travel consultations, backpacking itineraries and more to help with making plans for travel after the placement ends.

Helping gap year travellers to travel responsibly is at the core of all that The Leap do. They help people to explore the world but leave it in a better place by contributing to planet protecting programmes. Not only do these programmes help to protect and restore their environments but The Leap also commits to funding these projects on an ongoing basis. As Greta Thunberg said, “We need to stop funding things that destroy nature and start funding things that restore it.” 

The Leap is an independent family-owned travel company with a friendly and approachable culture. Their staff in both the UK office and overseas are both knowledgeable and caring and make sure that wherever you travel to, you will feel the ‘family’ spirit, where everyone goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is fulfilling and positive.

Contact The Leap:

+44 (0)333 252 6578


gap year safety training course


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